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Industrial wastewater treatment spans across a number of industries and markets.  With over 30 years’ experience, we offer practical solution to wastewater treatment and have a strong track record of quality design.

Consultation & Design

In the consultation & design phase, Watermech engineers will meet with you to discuss about your project, provide consultation and advice on wastewater solution, design work and complete a full site specification of the proposed work.

Construct & Install

After designing the required system, Watermech will manufacture, supply and project manage the total construction of your wastewater treatment system. This includes procuring, manufacturing and installation of all components in the system.

Project Management

Watermech engineers are highly trained and dedicated. We will plan, execute, monitor and troubleshoot your project from start to finish. Our onsite supervisors will also oversee the project to ensure that all stages of the construction process adheres to our stringent quality assurance guidelines.

Products & Supply

Watermech has a range of standard equipment pieces that can support your industrial needs. Watermech is able to provide competitive pricing and advice on what is required. Please see our product list for the range of products that we offer.